Fat Freezing at Cryoskin Australia - What to Expect

Are there parts of your body you want to get rid of fat but it just won't budge? You're eating well and working out hard but you still can't reduce that belly pouch?

Are you looking for an affordable, non-invasive and pain free treatment that will help remove those undesired fat deposits?

We have you covered with our CryoSlimming Fat Freezing, an exclusive treatment at Cryoskin Australia here in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast. Read on below to find out more and learn about this state-of-the-art fat loss treatment.

What is Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, involves targeting fat cells for a period of time with subzero temperatures in the aim to reduce them. It is based on scientific research which found that when fat cells go below certain temperatures, they undergo cell death and get detoxified by the body's lymphatic system. Cold therapy is a natural, non-invasive way of losing fat instantly.

It’s a non-surgical and pain free alternative to liposuction, and reliable with consistent appointments can target specific areas on the body, including the tummy, thighs, arms, love handles, chin and more. Cyroskin can be used to look younger, improve your skin’s appearance, or help as a fat-loss treatment.

Fat Freezing at Cryoskin Australia: Getting Started

When you book a consultation at Cryoskin Australia, we will sit down with you and ask you questions to get to know you, your goals and any challenges that may have prevented you from achieving those. We develop a personalised treatment plan to help you reach your body and skin goals, and we share with you all of the tips and tricks for you to have the best experience possible with fat freezing and the Cryoskin procedure.

Our specialist cryotherapy team will make you feel taken care of, and rest assured you are working with the best Cryoskin fat freezing experts in Queensland. Book a FREE consult online here.

How Does Fat Freezing Work with Cryoskin? The Procedure

Cryoskin is administered in a massage technique consisting of three parts, allowing the targeted area to warm up before quickly cooling it down and then finishing off with another heated massage. This process is the perfect combination to make the fat cells more susceptible to the cold temperatures while enhancing your lymphatic drainage system to flush out the fat cells.

Each CryoSlimming treatment is only 30 minutes per area and does not require downtime.

Alternative to Liposuction: Cryoskin

Cryoskin Fat Freezing is a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures which are often risky, painful, require pain medications and significant downtime from your regular activities. Fat Freezing with Cryoskin allows you to continue with your usual activities even directly after your treatment. You can even have your treatment during your lunch break, it's that quick and easy! It’s a safe, cost-effective and time-saving alternative to conventional methods such as Liposuction.

Fat Freezing in Maroochydore

If you are looking for Fat Freezing on the Sunshine Coast, Cryoskin Australia in Maroochydore is the exclusive treatment facility and spa for you. Located conveniently inside The Float Space Maroochydore, Cryoskin Australia specialises in Cryoskin Fat Freezing and skin toning treatments and offers a range of supporting therapies to enhance your treatment results, including Infrared Sauna and Floatation Therapy. You can relax in the welcoming environment while receiving the best Cryotherapy treatments from your #1 Cryoskin clinic in Queensland.

Does Fat Freezing Work

YES. Fat freezing works. Our Cryoskin treatments have been one of the most popular services in Queensland since we introduced the procedure in the Winter of 2019. If you would like to schedule an appointment for Cryoskin, book a FREE consultation today here.

On average, we see 2-5 cm lost during just one session. We have also seen even better results, with some clients seeing up to 10 cm lost during one session. Each person's body composition is different therefore results may vary.

Testimonial video of a happy Cryoskin client

What to Expect Before and After a Fat Freezing Treatment at Cryoskin Australia?

When you first arrive at the clinic, we will have you fill out our new client intake form and waiver if you have not done so prior to your arrival.

Once you are in the treatment room, we answer any questions you may have regarding the treatment. We will photograph and measure the desired treatment area. These photographs and measurements are kept as a reference and documentation of your progress over the course of the treatments.

After your treatment we take post-treatment photos and answer any other questions you may have. We will also send you home with the simple post-treatment care instructions.

What is the cost for Fat Freezing with Cryoskin

At Cryoskin Australia Fat Freezing treatments range between $235-$450 per 30-minute session, depending on number of treatments. However, that session also includes both legs or both arms (unlike other places or treatments that may charge you for each area.)

Cryoskin Australia Fat Freezing regularly runs in-store specials. Book in a FREE consultation today to find out more!

Fat Freezing Near Me

Are you located in or around the Sunshine Coast area? Cryoskin Australia is conveniently located in The Float Space at Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast.

Are you ready to book your consultation or appointment? You can book online or call our clinic on 0433 408 697 to speak with a clinic representative over the phone.


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